Find the right Jolyn swimwear size chart here. You will find all the Jolyn size charts for their different swimwear styles.

One of the things people love about JOLYN swimwear is that they cater for all body shapes. You can also choose the level of bum coverage you want. Before choosing your JOLYN swimsuit or bikini it’s worth having a look at the different JOLYN swimwear styles available.


Long torso/tall. If you have a long torso in relation to the rest of your body and struggle to find swimwear that fits correctly then the MURRAY is the perfect option. It’s cut higher over the hip giving you added length in the body. The crisscross double strap detail makes it stylish and a great choice for your pool workout.

Curvy. The JACKSON is a great option for every figure, with adjustable straps that give you the perfect fit every time. Whatever shape and size you are this style will complement your curves whilst giving you the right amount of support.

Large shoulders. A lot of pool training time gives you great muscular shoulders and that’s why we think the BRANDON is a great go-to costume. Its simple strap detailing allows for even distribution of tension through the shoulders whilst you’re swimming lap after lap.

If you have a larger bust then we’d recommend one of the JOLYN tie-back options. It gives you the option to adjust your top so that you get the perfect amount of coverage that you want! Make sure you get the perfect fit by checking their sizing on the Jolyn tops size chart.

JOLYN bikinis are designed for active women. Whether you are training for competitive swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, playing water polo or just messing around on the beach, if you need your bikini top to hold you in place whilst you are moving about, then the ADRIAN or the FENDRICK are great choices.

How much to bare?

The JOLYN swimwear range offers a choice of designs with different levels of coverage so you can choose how much flesh you want to put out there. The Jolyn size chart for bottoms will give you the right size, but also consider what level of coverage you want.

Full-Medium Coverage. These swimwear designs are cut to round across the bum, offering the most coverage.

Medium Coverage. If your looking for a balance between bum cover and skin exposure then medium coverage is the best fit for you. These designs offer a good amount of coverage but sit diagonally across the bum. So they will still fit great and stay in place but will show a bit more flesh.

Slim-Cheeky coverage. These styles offer minimal coverage and are cut more steeply across the bum to show more skin whilst still being suitable for all beach and water activities.

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